Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A New Hope

Welcome to Miss O's Diary (part deux)!

For those of you joining us for the first time, enjoy the ride. For those loyal readers rubbing their eyes in disbelief, your flattery, cajoling, threats, and bribery have been appreciated.

Why Part Deux? Frankly my Executive Secretary could not figure out the technological intricacies of our former web home, and this new format is more user/Miss O-friendly. Also, we have a fair number of "older" readers who complained that the color-text contrast was challenging to their eyesight.

The mission of Miss O's Diary is to educate, to empower, and to entertain. Sometimes that education is the in the form of tough love. Sometimes empowerment comes after calling someone out for bad behavior. Sometimes you will hear about heinous stories ripped from my Newsfeed. Of course, the names have been  changed...when I feel like it. Sometimes, oftentimes, you will be entertained by glimpses of life on Planet Miss O.

Miss O is, above all, a friend to those in need. In need of fashion advice, etiquette instruction, travel tips, romantic counseling, cosmic guidance. Miss O is your big sister, your style consultant, your wise auntie, your trusted confidante, your psychic friend, your gal pal who cares so much she is obligated to tell you that you're dating a douche bag.

So read on fabulous Darlings. Miss O is here to tell it like it is!

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