Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cosmic Thing

Dear Darlings, with January 2012 already in the books (frack, that month went quickly), let's take a look at what Feburary will bring us cosmically.

The Sun is now in Aquarius (as of January 20),  the most independent sign of the zodiac. Aquarians are known for their free-thinking and unpredictability. These unique creatures live on their own terms and cherish their freedom. During the Sun's transit through Aquarius, all of us, regardless of sign, have the opportunity to embrace these qualities. At the new year, I urged you to take out the trash, to rid yourself of people or habits that were holding you back. Now I ask: are you living a life that is true to yourself? to your dreams?

Sun in Aquarius is the moment to break out of your comfort zone, to leave familiar routines. I have a verrrry familiar routine of procrastination and I am giving it the heave-ho with the help of Aquarius. Sun in Aquarius is the time to embrace your individuality. Are there people or circumstances that are limiting you and what you want to achieve? Tell them to step off. This doesn't mean you have to isolate yourself or go it alone. Go ahead, try something unconventional, be a rebel...and find some like-minded people to join forces with.

On January 23 we entered the Year of the Water Dragon. It is a fortuitous time to pursue to an important goal, a fresh beginning. You see, Darlings, the planets, the Universe are conspiring to help you. Let them.

The planet Mercury is busy this month. Mercury rules communication, perhaps you'll remember that during Mercury Retrograde communication is total crap. We're not in a retrograde (thank the Lourdes) but communication is highlighted. This can mean some serious (tough) conversations which can turn at a moment's notice. So think before you speak. Don't worry, I have problems with that one too. I can attest that last week Honey and I spent 48 hours in deadlocked hostile communication and shortly after it was smooth sailing. Take advantage of Mercury's transits to identify easy solutions you may have overlooked.

I don't want to overwhelm you with planetary movements, I leave you just with this last bit of information...and information is POWER, Darlings. On February 3, Neptune moves in to Pisces. If you know anyone born in Pisces, you know they are the creative, dreamy type. Neptune is an outer planet meaning that it moves slowly, and therefore its shift into a new sign is noteworthy. Neptune in Pisces = big time creativity, especially for writers and musicians. Being both of those, I have no excuse not to produce. You may also feel a pull toward spirituality. I don't know any artist who's work wasn't made better through the inclusion of spirituality.  Don't think you're an artist? Then use this period for exploration.

I recently read a post about better habits for writers. All of the advice was excellent, but my favorite point was: F*ck Dreaming, Start Doing. Put those dreams into action, Darlings. Turn your visions into reality.

The Oracle wishes you all the best for a creative, independent month!

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